Pioneers In Construction

SMSH is a general construction and a project development company in the Sultanate of Oman. With a taste for innovation and challenges and passion for construction, we work hand in hand with visionaries of tomorrow and all the stakeholders of the project. We see our trade as a pathway of excellence in terms of safety, quality, environment performance, optimized cost and compliance with deadlines. We are putting our integrated models work for the visionaries of tomorrow from financing thru to design, construction and maintenance.

What we Do

SMSH contracting supports the visionaries of the world of tomorrow. We stand alongside those who work to improve quality of life, transform cities, and make the world more mobile. We work alongside those who innovate for cleaner planet, more sustainable and safer energy and provide access to new resources. We operate in different areas of building and structural activities that we raise fresh out of the ground or renovate.

Project Focus

Successfully completed more than 200 large building and structural projects. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality service on each and every project we handle. It’s the platform on which we built our reputation.


We have taken conscious effort to create and promote a sustainable future. We understand that we have an environmental responsibility that shouldn’t be overlooked.


SMSH have experienced in house expertise to carry out activities in design, construction and development of all building and structural disciplines.

Recent Projects